Glow in the dark products
Glytrom glow products are long life with many years of glow and unlimited recharge.

Concrete Sealer
Glass Blocks
Special Products

Glytrom glow in the dark products are the safe, economical, and environment friendly way to light up & bring excitement to the dark. With Glytrom we try to keep the natural beauty of the day with out crossing the line of the tacky glow in the dark look. We are always working with new and inventive way to light up your projects. Glytrom Inc uses nothing but the highest quality chemicals.

Concrete Sealer & Floor wax additives
Glytrom glow in the dark concrete sealer and floor wax additive can be used with any film forming surface concrete sealer or floor wax of your choice. Water or solvent base concrete sealers,Concrete lacquer sealers, concrete acrylic sealers, or commercial floor wax. This process can be use on any stamped concrete, stained concrete, concrete overlay, decorative concrete, or just plain old or new concrete or wax-able floors. Easy to use and mix. Give your concrete or wax-able floor a total new look. With a glow in the dark concrete sealer or commercial floor wax. You can light up those dark sidewalks, stepping stone, concrete pavers, patios, concrete walls, concrete steps, concrete stairs, concrete curbs, all of your concrete.
Glytrom glow in the dark concrete sealer & commercial floor wax additives are non-toxic and environment friendly, with a unlimited recharge and a long and bright glow. More info


Glytrom Glass Blocks
Glytrom injected glow in the dark glass blocks can be used for almost anything. With different glass styles,  different daytime colors and 3 glow in the dark colors to choose from. Glytrom injected glass blocks look great in the daytime and awesome at night. Glytrom's proprietary injection resin when cured out leaves your glass block semi transparent during the day. This allows the natural light to pass through the glass which gives it a nice natural day and night look. 
Glytrom injected Glow in the dark Glass Blocks will last for years with unlimited recharge, no wires, no light bulbs, with absolutely  no maintenance required. More info


Glytrom Rocks & Aggregates
Glytrom glow in the dark rocks and aggregates. With different styles, shapes, daytime colors, and glow colors. You can broadcast them out everywhere. Use them in your new concrete, rock beds, fish pond, bird baths, pretty much where ever you want to put them. More info


Special or Custom Products
Have a special request on a project, Contact us for More info


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